Wine newsletter “Dina Viner” has announced their top 100 list of the best wines available on the Swedish market in 2022. With 21 wines on the list makes Wine Affair, for the third year in a row, the number one importer of top scoring wines. 

“We are very proud to see so many of our fine wines on this prestigious list and we will do our best to continue to supply the wine lovers in Sweden with top wines going forward.”, says Lotta Lidén Managing Director at Wine Affair.

April 2023

Lotta Wine Affair

Lotta Lidén, Wine Affair

Wine Affair – Quality with precision!

We work with quality wines. Wines that can mature and develop and give pleasurable memories for those who consume them. For us quality is a vital factor and we want to offer the best possible from each price segment without any compromises. We offer wines from hard working wine makers who have dedicated their lives to their wines, the soil and the environment. Wine makers with the highest quality ambitions who always thrive improve their wine making skills. Wine makers that follow their own path and create wines with personality.

Welcome to discover our memorable wines!

Stefan Wine affair

Stefan Stjärnström

Claes Wine Affair

Claes Lindquist

Lotta Wine Affair

Lotta Lidén

Sara Wine Affair

Sara Fors

Boris Wine Affair

Boris Arellano


Daniella Andersson

Christian_L Wine Affair

Christian Lindh

Emelie Wine Affair

Emelie Hunter

Daniel Andersson_Wineaffair

Daniel Andersson

Melker Wine Affair

Melker Lindquist


Magdalena Wine Afffair

Magdalena Bergh

Hanna Wine Affair

Hanna Hedman

Andreas Wine Affair

Andreas Stjärnström

Christian_M Wine Affair

Christian Moberg

Linda Modén Wineaffair

Linda Modén

Sofie Wine Affair

Sofie Hedman

Sarah Heine

Sarah Heine

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